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Now to the practicalities of our vision – the kind of people we want writing for us are not afraid to use their emotion to deepen and add kick to their prose, but do not allow this emotion to cloud the incisiveness of their self-expression or antagonise our readership with overtly aggressive ranting. We look for those of you who know critical analysis and combine this with a passion for thinking beyond the social, cultural, political and economic constructs that tyrannise our perception and keep us disempowered. See our homepage for further guidelines on writing for prospective bloggers.

The kinds of topics Radical University will be covering will largely depend on the areas of interest and particular specialist knowledge of our writers. As a writer you will at times use discussion sparked in media and current affairs to inspire a new article; at other times you will take the opportunity to delve deeper into topics close to your heart.


Editors at Radical University will keep themselves abreast of developments in their particular subject areas. They will not only write about these issues themselves, but will check the work of contributors in their area of interest for quality of analysis and commission pieces on current debates and issues.


We are also a multimedia blog. RadUni has received powerful works of art and short films from our creative and multi-talented contributors who believe in visual and auditive work as being effective tools of activism (such as Ruth Malcolm’s art & Anaïs’s BDS film). Connecting to our readership through various forms of self-expression is another crucial way to create conversation and open hearts and minds. We actively encourage such contributions and some of our writers are currently working on collaborations for posts including both film and written analysis.

The only limit is our own imaginations. Future contributions could include protest songs or music, poetry, recorded discussion and podcasts or mixed media pieces. This list is not exhaustive; if you have an idea for other forms of media that we have not covered here but want to contribute, please get in touch and discuss it with us – we strongly feel that this is how creative activism stays current and relevant rather than stagnating. We would be delighted to hear from you.

Expansion and Funding

To enable us to produce a more consistent and full time output, we are looking into the option of raising funds to support our writers and improve the site without selling out to corporate advertising.  We are considering crowdfunding options such as Indiegogo and/or the possibility of advertising small ethical businesses.  We are therefore also seeking individuals with web design expertise and/or experience of fundraising.

Contact Us

If you are interested in being involved as an occasional writer, all we need you to do is send us your piece or contribution as and when it’s completed to and we’ll take it from there. Please refer to our Guidelines for Bloggers & Safer Spaces Policy.

If you are interested in being involved in a regular writing or editing capacity, we expect you to write a piece at the very least once a month (at the very best once a week! Although we’ve still to master this much ourselves). If you are looking for this kind of commitment, it is all the more important that you e-mail us so that we can discuss your role and area of interest. At this point, we are feeling our way ourselves – we need to have a dialogue to clarify what it is that we each expect.


2 thoughts on “Get Involved and Contribute

  1. An Activist Abroad

    What an incredible idea! I am keen to get involved, as a writer and photographer. I just finished a Masters in Human Rights last year, was heavily involved in political activism and am taking a year out to re-assess possibilities, assumptions, tactics and attempt to answer huge metaphysical questions that years of studying and life have thrown up. I have been in the Americas for several months now, and am now in Colombia. I also started a blog this year Looking forward to hearing back from you!

    1. radicaluniversity Post author

      Hello An Activist Abroad! It’s really exciting to hear from you, you sound like exactly the kind of person we’re looking for. Could you possibly send us your e-mail address as we’d love to chat this through with you! We’re contactable at Look forward to hearing back from you too! Anais & Michelle


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