What We’re About

by Anaïs Charles

Radical University is the voice of talented and articulate writers who critically engage with the status-quo and deliver content and analysis to be reckoned with.

A crucial starting point for all activism is the cultivation of outrage. We envision Radical University as a tool for engaging minds and sparking conversation at this pivotal moment in the global move towards collective action and see the crystallisation of outrage as a force for transformation.

We are grappling with widespread systemic violence and the very real human and ecological suffering it causes; using writing as an outlet to come to terms with these realities gives our heavy hearts and sharp minds agency in a world where we too often feel that we have none. It allows us to come to terms with our feelings, to integrate them in such a way that we can use them as effective tools in bringing the struggle forward – into our communities and into the wider world.

In the Internet age blogging allows us to spread articles, ideas and information with unprecedented speed and immediacy, creating discussion where the combined understandings of individuals can bring us to new, deeper and improved perspectives. We want to be a part of a conversation that desperately needs to be had – that conversation includes a radical assessment of the world around us if we are ever to deconstruct that which prevents us from being the creators of a world we can be proud of.


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