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On the morning of the 16th of May, the UKIP billboard on Scottforth Road, Lancaster, was improved. A Hitler moustache was added to Nigel Farage’s face, the Antifa logo was added over the UKIP logo, Antifa stickers were added to the nearby bus shelter, their statements and web links were removed, and the statement ‘NO FASCISM HERE!!!’ was added.

UKIP are a racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic and bigoted party.  We do not approve of fascist propaganda in our community.

Mainstream media has proven itself to be unable to stand up to the permeation of racist, fascist propaganda. It’s time to spread the message of unity, diversity and equality. We take this action in solidarity with our brothers and sisters fighting fascism in Europe and across the world; we are inspired by your actions and resilience.


Lancaster Antifa




  1. Meh

    The way democracy works is everyone get’s the chance to vote for whoever they like. We are lucky in this country as it is one of our rights to be able to vote for whoever we like.

    I beleive much of the negative press you hear about parties such as UKIP and the BNP is just propaganda by the parties in charge. You never hear about these parties until they start winning seats, then there is negativity in the news about them all the time. The reason for this, I assume, is because somebody, somewhere, is worried that UKIP may actually have a chance. Now I’m not sure if they do, I don’t follow politics (this stuff just get’s posted on every social site I use), what I am sure of however, is that if they are winning seats, it’s because people are voting them in.

    We may have a reasonably corrupt government, not as bad as many around the world but still reasonably corrupt in their own way. Our government obviously does not want another party getting voted in. What’s the best way to do this? Change public opinion. Change it in such a way that everyone who supports one of their biggest opponents gets labelled a racist or fascist. The media manage to succesfully change public opinion on all sorts of issues. It won’t be long before everyone is crying out to have the NHS privatised, due to all the terrible stories in the media about deaths due to underfunding etc.

    We are having our public opinion changed by organisations that are most probably run by fascists. If not fascists then generally horrible, corrupt people. We are crying out for people to not vote for UKIP, yet our previous 2 governments (which have included all the main parties) have failed us in so many ways. We’ve wasted so many resources fighting wars that needn’t be fought, while services at home are being cut. Hospitals and schools closing so we can throw money at something that shoud never have been our problem in the first place. Yes some of these countires may have been in toruble but we all know the real reason for the wars was for oil. Look at all the countires in desperate need of helf who we offer no assistance to, these are the countires without oil.

    How can we stand by and be told to forget about all the bad things our governents have done. Be told our governments can do no wrong. That is unless we all decided to be fascists and vote for UKIP. We are been told by our current government, whether directly or not, that we should either vote for them or be labelled a fascist. People are lapping this up thinking are a fighting a good cause. Freedom of speech is great, I have no problem with it and am excersising this right as I type. It is not so great when you believe you are speaking freely yet you are basically just helping political parties with their campaign, falling into their trap and speaking their words for them

    (Some of this may make little sense, I condensed it down and did not proof-read. I would just like to point out I am not a supporter of UKIP, Conservatives, Labour or Liberal Democrats. Neither am I a supporter of any other party. I refuse to vote in our broken system. A system which only 1 of 3 people generally have any chance of winning. A system where the winner is so far removed from the general public they usually would have no clue how much a loaf of bread costs, yet we vote them in to run our economy. A system where the winners will do all they can to avoid paying for what they should yet threaten the public with court and prison if they fail to pay any of the many taxes forced upon us…….)


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